As a fully qualified teacher, specialising in music, the founder of Musical Melodies Megan Bloem looks back at humble beginnings and a personal story of success:

Coming from a large close knit family Megan is no stranger to young children and believes that is where her ambition was born. A seedling of an idea, the idea to share the wonder of music in all its forms, soon blossomed into a drive, an ambition, a lifelong goal. She believed that young children, as young as two years old, could be taught to read, understand and enjoy music as much as she does.

With this firm belief Megan argued and rallied against peers and set out to disprove the stuffy perception that music was much more academic, too strict for small children, above their capabilities, too boring and had to be enforced.and that with dedication, understanding and the right approach children could achieve great things musically and enjoy the journey too

Months of research, hours upon hours of comparisons of facts and figures, compilation and analysis resulted in the basis for a unique Musical Melodies syllabus, specific to children utilising the very latest teaching methods.

Driving forward this dynamic new model which teaches the young to actually read music on the stave,Megan needed cash to get the idea off the ground and make it a reality. To form a school like basis for children to come and enjoy and achieve. This opportunity presented itself via the PrincesTrust. Many many meetings followed as plans and projections, objectives and goals were discussed and assessed at length. But determination and belief in her goals paid dividends when the Princes Trust awarded a cash injection into the idea from where the Musical Melodies of today has emerged!

True to form Megan used the money to buy instruments and establish the company and began taking on students for private tuition. Another step was to join the Cleveland School of Music in order to illustrate and verify her professionalism and integrity.

By hiring a church hall, aided by an ex student, Megan started her journey in earnest doing what she always wanted to do. By teaching in small groups according to ability, Musical Melodies went from strength to strength, growing in shape and size. Eventually new premises were needed. Supported by her whole family the decision was made to convert the garage of the family home into a music studio so that as much time as needed was spent on the business and family were on hand for help and support. This helped the business flourish and saw the integration of the family more and more into the administration and finance side of running a company leaving Megan free to teach.

Not satisfied with her achievements Megan established more advanced classes. Children who could study and sit exams in the theory of music grade one. More and more were given the opportunity to take exams for grades in a variety of instruments. The idea of an Ensemble group was born, where students would take part in festivals, compete in competitions and Christmas Concerts to showcase talents arrived!

Striving still for more, for better for her students and modifying the Musical Melodies model, Megan decided once again to relocate. So followed by her ever supportive family Megan and MusicalĀ  Melodies arrived at Eaglescliffe, where a purpose built music studio houses the class, a comfortable outside area serves well for rehearsals in the summer. Parking is much more accessible, and expansion is still a possibility.

In the grounds Summer Events have been known to take place, parents are invited to be more hands on with a Parents Committee and the Christmas concert has gone from strength to strength. The emphasis on this family run business includes student past and present as extensions to the family and makes for a wonderful environment to be a part of.

Megan has taken Musical Melodies from an unheard of idea to a blossoming business, from a church hall to ideal setting, from a few to many and from unheard of to affectionately respected. Musical melodies is now also available in Nurseries, Public and Private schools and as always Group Sessions and private tuition.

Thanks to Megan’s drive, belief and ambition 20 years of Musical Melodies has granted many with the lifelong gift of music.


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