Group 3

Group work is encouraged as a way of learning to listen to each other and therefore learning to play together.

  • Bass clef is introduced.
  • More complex rhythmic patterns are used in pieces.
  • Recognise an octave of notes on the stave.
  • Recognise and play different notes with different values – at speed.
  • Be able to play a short melody with accompaniment from rhythmic instruments.
  • Sharps and flats are introduced.
  • Recognise and play five different notes on the recorder.
  • Speed work is intensified.
  • Tone quality and control are refined on the recorder.
  • Students learn to play in harmony.
  • The importance of listening to other students is stressed & practised.
  • Aural training – singing with accompaniment and listening to given notes and pitching them.
  • Memory retention is increased.

Being able to listen to each other in a group, is just as important as being able to read and understand the notes.

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