Group 2

Students in Group Two start developing their listening skills by playing in “rounds”.

Correct finger positions, from the First lesson, are vital as it creates good technique.

  • More complex rhythmic patterns are taught.
  • Recognition of five notes (without colours).
  • To recognise that different types of notes have different values.
  • To be able to play a short melodic phrase with accompaniment.
  • Students are taught to listen/play on every beat of a bar.
  • Time signatures are introduced. (2, 3 or 4 beats per bar)
  • To recognise and play three different notes on the recorder.
  • Students are introduced to harmony.
  • Aural training – singing with accompaniment and singing high and low pitched notes.
  • Memory retention is introduced – this increases concentration.

Learning to watch the conductor, their music and their instrument increases concentration and improves co-ordination.

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