Annual Concert

Annual Party

The Students Annual Party is usually held one week before the concert. At the party, we hold our final rehearsal and show students where they will be performing the following week. Usually there are no more than 8 students per group, but at the Concert, all the groups join together and play as a larger group. This can be quite daunting for the younger children, but you will see that as they progress up the groups, they become quite familiar with playing in a larger group. The children are all very young and often find having such a large audience frightening. However, this is a learning curve for them, as part of the syllabus for all groups, is that they perform to an audience. This has always proved to be a most rewarding event for students, teachers, parents and guests.

Prize Giving

At the end of the Annual Christmas Concert, we hold our prize giving. Awards and Certificates of Promotion and Merit are presented.
The following awards are presented:

  • Excellent Attendance
  • Most Improved – Group One
  • Best Overall – Group One
  • Most Improved – Group Two
  • Best Overall – Group Two
  • Most Improved – Group Three
  • Best Overall – Group Three
  • Most Improved – Group Four
  • Best Overall – Group Four
  • Most Improved – Group Five
  • Best Overall – Group Five – Theory
  • Best Overall – Group Five – Practical

And finally

  • Student of the Year (This is presented to the student who has shown extraordinary dedication and commitment to their music throughout the year.)


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