About Us

Musical Melodies provides the opportunity for young children, from 4- 8 years of age, to learn the art of reading and playing music in a safe, friendly, and enjoyable environment.

Under the careful supervision of Megan Bloem (H.Dip.Ed, ALCM) a qualified music teacher, this tuition will help prepare your child for formal tuition and will give a much needed grounding in basic music skills such as rhythm and notation.

Through listening, movement and participating in playing instruments, the children become more aware and perceptive to music in their own environment.

The emphasis is strongly on ENJOYMENT


  • To be able to read basic notes on the stave and to understand note values.
  • To recognise treble clef, bass clef and time signatures with understanding.
  • To play non-melodic instruments following a basic rhythm pattern.
  • To differentiate between high and low pitches.
  • To beat the pulse of a given piece of music on a non- melodic instrument.
  • To play either the melody or harmony of a piece of music on a melodic instrument with accompaniment from other percussion instruments.
  • To be able to distinguish and play different notes on a descant recorder.
  • To be able to play a piece of music in unison or in harmony with other recorder players with accompaniment



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