We teach children to read and play music in a fun, enjoyable and playful environment. Using proven methods and tools our staff will help your child to love, enjoy and appreciate the gift of music now and for their rest of their lives.


Calling on more than 20 years experience our programme and staff will help your child learn the fundamentals of music and rhythm, through to high level music theory and principles.


As your child advances they will be offered the opportunity to join our ensemble group and enter into local competitions, fetes and festival performances, helping to grow your child's confidence, skill and ability to work in a team.


Each year culminates in a fantastic Christmas performance where children in each of the groups perform various pieces to an audience of parents and peers, helping to grow your child's confidence and performance skills year after year.

Musical Melodies School of Music

Based in Eaglescliffe and serving Yarm, Stockton, Middlesbrough, Darlington and the surrounding areas, Musical Melodies is a unique and innovative teaching program designed to teach young children from 4-8yrs the wondrous gift of music.

Through a fun, playful and enjoyable lesson program your child can progress through our groups culminating in Grade 1 Theory of Music Qualification in their final year before progressing to formal musical tuition.