How it Works

Promotions and Certificates

  • There are 5 groups (levels) that a student needs to work through.
  • Each group has a set syllabus which the student must complete before being considered for promotion to a higher group.
  • Students are promoted according to ability – and NOT age, therefore it is possible that in every group there will be a variety of age ranges.
  • Pupils are awarded a certificate on completion of each of their achievement charts – This helps promote a desire in each student to fulfil their own potential.

Achievement Charts

When a student is enrolled with Musical Melodies they are presented with two charts which are kept in the front of their A4 ring binder.

  • The first chart is an attendance chart and is stamped every time the student attends for a lesson.
  • The second chart is to monitor the students progress throughout their time in a particular group.

These charts (and the marks obtained by the student) are used towards the prize giving at the end of each year as well as to assess students for promotion to the next group.

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