Group 5

At this level students are taught the required syllabus to undertake the
Grade One Theory of Music Examinations through THE ASSOCIATED BOARD OF THE ROYAL SCHOOLS OF MUSIC.


Students in Group 5 also work towards their Preparatory Piano Exam (Prep Test).
The Prep Test is designed to provide an assessment for pupils after approximately six to nine months tuition and to encourage the laying of good musical and technical foundations before students enter for the graded exams.

The test takes about 10 minutes and includes simple tunes/exercises, a set piece, a piece chosen by the student/teacher, and some easy listening games/aural tests.

A certificate incorporating the examiner’s short positive report (there is no pass or fail) will be given to each student at the end of the test.

Although every student works towards the Prep Test, not every student will be able to complete the test with the time available – this will be carried over with the student when they are promoted to Private Tuition.


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