Group 4

The penultimate stage:

  • Keyboard instruments are introduced.
  • Finger exercises and techniques are learnt.
  • Students must read music from both the treble and bass clef simultaneously.
  • Recognise and play notes using both hands.
  • Be able to play a short melody on a keyboard instrument with accompaniment from rhythmic or melodic instruments.
  • Key signatures are introduced.
  • Recognition of ten different notes on the recorder by increasing dexterity.
  • Sight reading a piece of music – recorder & piano.
  • Breathing techniques are advanced on recorder.
  • Developing an understanding of musical elements and appropriate vocabulary.
  • The importance of listening to other students is stressed & practised.
  • Aural training – singing with accompaniment and listening to given notes and rhythms and imitating them.
  • Basic theoretical skills are learnt in preparation for Group Five (5)

Practising at home is vital, to reinforce what has been learnt in the lesson.

Playing together develops important listening skills, which makes the students concentrate not only on their counting, but on the other players as well.

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